Good Morning Viet Nam

Wednesday, March 23, 2005

Living the High-Life

Nearly burst at the seams, as I was sitting in a taxi and stuck in a major traffic jam near the hospital, when I remembered my original crack-induced thought that I would be completely fine just hanging out in Bangkok for two weeks waiting for the doctors to give me the "Okay" to start building houses down south. Loved observing Bangkok from the 9th floor so much more than actually living it down here on the streets. Wow is all I have to say.

But on the whole, it is so wonderful to be back in the real world, regardless of how crazy this city may be. I honestly don't know why I love it here on Khao San Rd, as it is Bangkok's Bourbon Street full of debauchery and falang, but the people watching is one of a kind here. And that may be due solely to the fact that I am still on heavy antibiotics.

After the taxi dropped me off on this lovely street, I quickly found a room at the same hotel I stayed in last time I was here in December. Wanted to try to find a slightly more upscale hotel, but opted to go with what I knew, and now wonder if an upscale place even exists on Khao San Rd. But I love the fact that I was given the "quietest" room they have by default. While my room is the size of a closet, doesn't have any windows nor AC, and is the furthest from the street, it is clean and rodent-free and definelty doable for 2 nights. Needless to say, showering three times a day is a necessity as it is so bloody hot in my room. And the fact that I have just woken up from a 10-hour slumber, my personal best here in SE Asia, is kind of surprising, given the conditions. I guess my body just really needed to recoup, regardless of any conditions, before the long journey home. And even though I just grabbed breakfast with Peter, I am still out of it and sluggish and have decided to cancel my artistic adventure at the National Museum as originally planned. Just hanging out at cafes slugging down Thailand's yummy fruit shakes and people watching sounds much more my cup of tea for my final day here.

And as for my arm, it's healing nicely, I presume. I can't really see it as they bandaged it up pretty good and water tight. But the fact that I am still in absolutely no-pain has to be a good sign. Am stopping by the hospital tomorrow to have the doctor have a final look before I fly to Saigon for the night. And then I'll be Stateside. That's just a little bizarre.

That's it from here. I will be posting tomorrow from the hospital before I leave for the airport and embark on a couple of blogless days. Off to nap!


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