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Friday, March 18, 2005

Free At Last, Free At Last...

As Dr. King Jr put so eloquently, "Thank God almighty I am free at last!" Can I get a "Whoop Whoop"?! Hell ya, your favorite patient is finally IV-free and running wild all over the hospital. I think there was something lost in translation, however, as 7 days in Thai really means 9 days in reality. But regardless, I am now on oral meds and couldn't be happier, at least for now. The doc stopped by today and asked how my legs felt. Um, fine, but they have always felt fine. Right, what about your arm? It's fine as well. Well the wound looks good and is free of any puss or white stuff. (He didn't actually see my wound as the nurse had changed the dressing an hour before he dropped in). Good, does that mean it can be stitched up? You'll have to ask the surgeon that. Excellent. But no worries, this is not my main doctor, I have only seen him twice, whereas I see my surgeon and other doctor every day. And don't ask silly questions, such as, what are their names? Because I have no idea as to their names or even how to pronounce them. The main thing is that I see the same faces every day and they know my name.

Who knows when I will actually get this puppy closed up, but my self-prognosis is that it will be sometime tomorrow. And then hopefully I will be able to check out of the hotel later in the week.

In other exciting news, I am thrilled beyond belief as to everyone's support and encouragement! Thank you for all of the emails, calls, cards, thoughts, and prayers you have been sending my way. It truly brightens my day and I cannot thank you enough. I've spent the last 3 hours, HAPPILY, responding to emails. Keep 'em coming!

Wut stopped by yesterday bearing gifts, 2 books, tea, and lots of batteries for my discman. I was ecstatic and very touched by the fact that he has taken such excellent care of me. He is now off to Pattaya for a music festival and then will head to Krabi on Tuesday.

What other exciting tidbits can I relay from the hospital? Um, not a whole lot other than the fact that I have received word from Habitat, informing me that for their first disaster relief house building team they are looking for skilled construction workers as the site might be dangerous for unskilled debutantes who are wanting to help. That officially shot down any remaining hopes of my actually getting to fulfill my lifelong dream of strapping on a toolbelt and hard hat. BUMMER! I guess I will have to focus my energy now on my second lifelong goal of being a contestant on "The Price is Right".

While I have gotten the strong vibe that volunteering for Habitat would not be in my best interest, I have explored other options that have been recommended by seasoned Tsunami volunteers. The only thing I found that sounds "safe" for a-newly-stitched-up-arm, and requires virtually no skill, is picking up trash on the beach. But trash has germs, and according to my internist at home, even though my cut will sufficiently be closed up enough to take out the stitches, infection can still work its way in somehow. While I hold onto the belief that my poor internist was held at gunpoint and forced to say such things by my mother who wishes me to return home, I have to admit the thought of coming home does sound rather pleasant. But alas, am going to sit on it a bit more, seeing how I have nothing but time, before I make any formal decision.

Okay, that officially brings you up to speed with me. Thanks again for all of the thoughts and know that I am returning them right back at ya! Cheerios with Fruit Loops and banana flavored milk.


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