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Thursday, March 17, 2005

I Never Thought It Would Come To This...

Prolifick blogging, that is. Of course that was my original intention of this blog, to keep you all updated on all of the wonderful temples, musuems, and monuments that I haven't been to, but since when do I actually follow through on an original plan?! Apparently now, as I have loads of time on my hands and will continue to do so for the next three weeks. So yes, stay tuned as I am blogging once, if not twice, a day.

I am settling into my hotel room well and even placed my Buddha of Peace figurine on the shelf. It's a miniature standing Buddha that was given to me as a parting gift from the LA monk at Wat Tam Wua. All of the nurses have said that it is good luck. When in Rome....

Yesterday spent most of the day enjoying in bed relaxing. So funny that my hospital bed really is the most comfortable bed I have slept on here in SE Asia. Think the adrenaline has finally worn off and my body is in desperate need of some R&R from the last week and a half's activities. Thus I am taking full advantage of the fact that I have nothing to do.

After the accident, when I was still in Laos, I was on auto-pilot survival mode as my body knew it needed to function normally until I got to a BKK hospital. Then when I checked in to Bumrungard, I was hit with a 3-day surge of pure adrenaline as I was beyond esctatic to be in such a first world environment. This is the most first world place I have been to in SE Asia. This is what I have been so homesick for, and thus only enhances the fact that I am taking my hospital stay so well. The dirty bamboo bungalow towns of Laos, that have no electricity, where Lara and I were tromping around just 2 weeks ago, seems like a lifetime ago. But now my adrenaline rush has finally faded and am beginning to think about life after the hospital. Talked to the doctor yesterday about it and let him know that I was in no rush to leave before I am ready. Also let him know that I am scared about life after the hospital. Unfortunately I couldn't keep it together on that statement, and despite my best efforts, the dam broke and a tear escaped. He quickly told me not to worry, patted me on the shoulder, and said that they would not stitch me up and kick me out. They are going to wait a couple of days before they stitch me up, and then will keep me here at least 3 more days after that. In that time, they will be able to see if there is any infection still in the wound, and if there is, take care of it. After that I will be free to go, but will need to come back for some outpatient checkups. I've already checked into hotels, and the hospital really does have a hotel, called the Bumrungard Residence, that is specifically for families of patients and people who come for outpatient procedures as well. They said I could stay there if I wanted. Seeing how it is close to the hospital, and I am sure it is clean, quiet, well-kept, it is a tempting offer. Especially since there won't be any Thai prostitutes with Western businessmen there. Love the booming sex industry here and while I no longer gawk at it, I still notice it.

After my chat with the doctor, I followed his perscription to take a walk around the hospital and garden, as a means to get out of my head. I even threw on my street clothes and looked so charming in my navy Dic the whale T-shirt, pink capri pants, running shoes, hospital bracelet, and IV receiver in my left hand. But it felt so good to be back in my clothes. Didn't know they were that stinky, though. They never were before, ah, but I was in the backpacker scene when I last wore them and everybody has stinky clothes, thus no one smells. Assured the nurses that I was just going down to McDonald's to get dinner and read my Vogue, and not leaving the building, and would be back in time for my 10PM session with the IV. It was the best escape I could have asked for and felt much better when I returned to my suite at 9pm and went to bed.

Wut is going to Krabi this Tuesday and really wants me to join him. At first it sounded like a great idea, a little R&R on the beach. But even if I am out in time, I discovered last night that I won't be in the zone, physically nor mentally, for Krabi. Ran the idea by the doc, and he said I could go without a problem, and would just have to go to a clinic down there to get my wound cleaned and the stitches taken out. Sounds easy enough, except that I have had indirect prior experience with medical clinics in southern Thailand and know that they all aren't as well run as Bumrungard Hospital. My roomate in Ko Samui, Christy, went to one for the needle that was stuck in her foot, this was before she knew it was a needle, and the clinic said they had taken care of it when in fact, they only made it worse. So that story is in the back of my mind, and along with the fact that I like to keep things simple, and really trust the staff here at BH, I decided I am going to stay here in BKK for the next two weeks until my stitches are taken out. Told Wut that when he called last night, and he understood completely.

Just found out that a friend from Pai is coming to Bangkok, a few days before he flies back to Germany, just to hang out with me. So nice of him to do that as it will be nice to see a familiar face.

So things are good, once again, with your favorite patient. After a good night's sleep am ready for my final day, HOPEFULLY!, on IV antibiotics. I am going to be doing back flips, literally, all over the hospital when they yank this thing out of me for good! You all have been so kind and supportive with keeping me in your thoughts and emails, and have asked to let you know if there is anything you can do. While I am in the best care possible over here and have everything I need, there is one thing that the hospital cannot provide, and that is a familiar voice from family and friends. Phone calls really do make my day, infact they are the highlight. Laughter is such good medicine for me. Wut has been such a good friend and come to see me almost every day. However, he, understandably, has plans this weekend and won't be around. It's going to be a long one, and I have lots of things to keep me busy, but I would love to talk to you. It's a 13-hour time difference from KC, so when it is 9pm in KC it is 10AM the next day here at the hospital. Bruce informed me that some calling plans are as inexpensive as 6-cents a minute. I know that is a better deal than the rate here at the hospital. So if you have a minute this weekend, I would love to hear what you are up to. 011-66-2-667-1981. Got to IV! Peace out, homies.


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