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Monday, March 14, 2005

I Heart IVs!

All right, after I thought we had extinguished all useable veins in my left arm for the intravenous meds, I was sure my left leg would be a much more comfortable option. But I was wrong. Miracously the nurse discovered yet another unused legit vein in my left hand. This is getting old fast. IVs are my least favorite part of my hotel stay and now they are giving me so much juice in one sitting that it takes 4 hours to get it all in me. It was a good thing that Wut was here to shoulder the blow last night when the nurse told me that I am scheduled to be on IV meds for 7 days. This is day 4. Ugh. But then she said I would start taking oral meds after my second surgery, which is Wednesday. I'll ask the surgeon for clarification.

Needless to say I am ready to blow this popsicle stand. It's a gray day here in paradise, literally outside, and thus my spirits are a bit gray. But it has been a busy morning. I've managed to wile away most of my IV hours chatting on the phone. So good to hear familiar voices and catch up on all of the latest happenings with friends. Have a correction to make to my phone number, from the States you dial 011-66-2-667-1981.

Ran my plan after discharge past one doc yesterday and when he heard I wanted to build houses he said the only thing I could lift would be papers inside away from the dirt. He didn't quite understand when I tried asking him how long I would have to be lifting papers inside and told me to ask the surgeon today. Have yet to see the surgeon. But if I can only really lift papers inside, I am beginning to think that my days as a backpacker might be limited seeing as my previous lifestyle was one filled with dirt, sweat, and dirty water.

Trying to stay strong and positive and take it one thing at a time, but today is pretty tough. Here come the tears, am signing off. Thanks so much for your thoughts and emails.


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