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Saturday, March 19, 2005

The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly

The surgeon just came in and looked at the wound and told me it looked really good. Seeing how something is definetly lost in translation on that one, as I have yet to look at it without being grossed out, I opted to trust the doctor's judgment without seeing for myself. So, does this mean it can be stitched up today, Doc? I think tomorrow is better. Um, okay. I just decided that I am going back to America as soon as I can book a ticket, and don't want to rush you by any means, but am kind of anxious to get back. No Krabi? he asks. No Krabi. He nods, and then leaves the room. Enter a nurse with two contracts for me to sign. One being for my 3rd operation. I had to clarify that receiving stitches was an operation. Yes, it is. But the second contract for me to sign was for local anesthesia. What?! Um, why do I need to be put under to receive stitches? She didn't know. And thus, since my prior conscious stitch-receiving experience was when I was in the second grade, while that was a lifetime ago, I do remember not being put under for that. Thus I asked to talk to the doctor before I signed anything.

The doctor quickly phoned my room and explained that a 3rd debridement might be necessary since the cut is so deep, but they wouldn't know for sure until I was on the cold table. Okay, so what you're saying is that if the wound looks as great as everyone has been telling me it is, that I will just receive a suture, and not really need to be put under, but if there is still some dirt and bacteria remaining, you will scrape that off and potentially wait a few more days to make sure you got everything before you close up the wound, in which case I will need to be put under, right? Bingo. While I love being put under because it is one of the deepest sleeps I can't ever remember, I do recall my college boyfriend, whose father was an anesthesiologist, telling me that every time one goes under there is a slim possiblity the patient might die. That is why being an anthesiologist is one of the most stressful jobs. But now that I know the big picture and that there is a possibility for another lovely debridement, should it be necessary, I am feeling better and signed the anesthesia contract. Then I quickly tabulated that anesthesia equals IV, but had to ask the nurse for varification. NO! Why am I always right?! Usually it's a blessing, but today it's a curse. Argh. My days of IV freedom are over, and as it is, I only have 20 more minutes left before I have to report back to my suite for them to stick yet one more of my precious veins.

But we are focusing on the positive and hopefully when I wake up TONIGHT, they bumped it up to tonight instead of tomorrow, this case will be closed. Stay tuned.....


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