Good Morning Viet Nam

Tuesday, March 22, 2005

Homeward Bound

And no worries, I WILL be bright eyed and bushy tailed and ready to find me some Easter eggs! Just booked a ticket this morning and am happy to report that I will officially be Stateside as of noon this Saturday. Ready for the abbreviated itinerary? It's a doosy, but goes like this:
Bangkok-Saigon(Friday March 25)
Saigon-Taipei-LA-KC (Saturday March 26)
Estimated total flying time: 18hours

Looking forward to that adventure! Save the best for last. Love that. The main thing is that I will be home very soon! Got the docs seal of approval to leave on Saturday and iill send out the official intinerary, with numbers and actual times, before I leave.

While that is very exciting news on this end, the highlight of my day today was when a Pai-friend, Peter, came and visited me here in paradise. Needless to say, he experienced culture shock and called this joint beyond first world. Just so surreal to be here in Thailand but feel as though I am in the States. Am wondering if I will experience a bit of culture shock when I spend the night in Bangkok before I leave. But Khao San Rd is uber falang infiltrated as well, reminds me of New Orleans, and thus am expecting minimal shock factor. Hopefully Peter and I will connect, out of the hospital, before we both fly out on Friday. Regardless, it was so so so good to see another familiar face today. And as he can attest, I talked his ear off.

That's all from here. Am loving all of the thoughts and emails you all are sending me! Look forward to being home soon. Ciao.


At 8:19 AM, Anonymous toni said...

Hey gurl! Sounds like you do know what you want. Stick to it. I am now a proud homeowner. You'll have to come visit sometime soon. Give me a holler when you get back to the states... after you've settled down of course ;)

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