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Tuesday, March 15, 2005

Down For The Count

But not for long! After signing off, I promptly escorted myself to the nearest elevator. I was hoping to make it to my room before the dam broke. No luck. Not only did I continue to well up in the vator, but a few tears even managed to escape. And of course the elevator was full of smallThais wondering what this giant, quasi-blonde, female falang in the pink elephant, no joke-the elephant is the hospital mascot, scrubs and kimono was doing, as she looks, walks, and acts perfectly fine minus the fact that her right elbow is wrapped in gauze and has an IV receiver in her hand for some odd reason, nonetheless why is she crying? Love walking around the hotel and catching the natives' gawking. And to top it off, the elevator stopped on every floor. Priceless.

As soon as I reached the door of Suite 981, I had a good 20-minute cry, and then proceeded to prepare myself a cup of tea and regroup on my couch. Doesn't sound like I am in a hospital does it? As soon as I finished my tea, I meditated before deciding that taking a nap was a better option. Upon waking up, I listened to my favorite Scissor Sisters cd, and am now happy to report, that I am back in the zone. And as a bonus, the sun is now shining. Glad to know it hasn't gone out on me.

Think the real reason for this morning's temporary meltdown was the fact that there are so many unknowns right now. The surgeon hasn't visited me yet today, and thus I haven't been able to get any idea of where I stand on things. I haven't even been told for sure that surgery is a go for tomorrow. The doctor yesterday said we would wait and see how the antibiotic worked and then proceeded to look through my chart and noticed that the surgeon had scheduled surgery for the 16th. What a pleasant surprise!

Life after the hospital is the biggest unknown. Wut is going down to Krabi on Tuesday and I would really like to join him, and his friends, to get a little R&R. The beach sounds nice, and I might even be able to don my swim suit without eliciting too many comments from the locals about the handprint-sized bruise that is gradually lightening up from its original deep purple colour on the back of my right thigh. While I won't be able to build sandcastles or ride the waves without a foolproof zip-loc body bag on my right arm, strolling on the beach and hanging out by the pool in the shade sounds just my speed. But I will see what the surgeon says, as he might not be too keen on the heat, dirt aspect of of the south.

Am currently back in the moment, and not stressing about unknowns, and loving the fact that I am in such a wonderful facility, even if it does make me take slightly painful 4 hour IV injections. The main thing is that I am well-taken care of, clean, cool, and able to get loads of rest here. And I know that I'll be back on the traveller scene when the time is right. Have a great day, one and all!


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