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Sunday, March 13, 2005

This Just in from the Hilton Hospital

Swasdee Ka, Crew! Hope you all raised a pint for me yesterday! Totally forgot that about St. Patrick's day as the Thais celebrate every other Western holiday except the green one. Wanted to update you all on my progress....

According to the doctor my wound looks really good. However, yesterday I thought it would be cool to see my bone and snuck a peak of the wound when the doc was changing my dressing and not only was disgusted and missed seeing my glorious Radius, but after seeing the wound felt overwhelmed with pain and started to cry. The doctor and nurse did their best to comfort me, but it was just my body's time for an emotional breakdown. Man did it hurt. But an hour or so after the new bandage was applied and my tears had run their course, I was feeling much calmer.

I decided to treat myself with some retail therapy and, upon the nurse's approval, went downstairs and loaded up on magazines, National Geographic, Vogue, and Vanity Fair, and then loaded up on food. It was high time for me to throw my hospital-food-only diet out the window and ordered a double cheeseburger, fries, and coke from McDonald's. You would be silly to think that I would just stop there and not get 2 Starbuck muffins for dessert. Food never tasted so good! The hospital food here is decent, they have quite the varied menu as their patients are primarily foreigners here, but breakfast is their weakest meal. While this food binge came at 5p, I then proceeded to eat my hospital dinner at 7:30p and was fortified to last me through the night.

Also asked the doc yesterday if it was possible for my body to still be in shock as a reason why I feel no pain. He said that I wasn't in shock but on serious antibiotics and painkillers and that was why I felt no pain.D My body has let me know that it knows exactly what's going on and is superstressed out and has given me the largest cankersore I have ever had. We're medicating that and I think my body is now pretty relaxed in the recovery mode.

After the tearshed yesterday, it turned out to be a wonderful leisurely Sunday. Wut came by, and we chilled on the balcony for a bit before taking a walk in the hospital garden on the 6th floor. So beautiful! Then we came back to my pad and sat in the living room area playing cards and eating mango. I heart mango. It is my new fave fruit and I simply can't get enough of it. It was the best Sunday afternoon I could have asked for.

And so this morning have already seen the doc and am happy to report that the dressing change didn't hurt nearly as much and was a tear-free event for me. He says it still looks good, but if the antibiotics can't get rid of the dirt and infection that remain inside, another surgical debridement might be the best option. We will wait until tomorrow to see how it looks. When the wound is completely clean they will stitch it up. Looking forward to showing off my 2 inch long Laotian tattoo to you all when I return home in August, if not before.

Happy Monday! Now get back to work.


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